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MHU 110/111
Control and Indicating Equipment
The analog addressable system FIREXA with its carrying components, the Control and Indicating Equipments (C.I.E.)

The analog addressable system FIREXA with its carrying components, the Control and Indicating Equipments (C.I.E.) MHU 110 and MHU 111, and their capacity of 256 (512) detectors, is intended mainly for fire protection of both medium-sized and large objects. To the C.I.E.`s the detectors are to connect in parallel into circular or simple lines to a two-wire loop, branched as required.

The analog addressable C.I.E. MHU 110 (MHU 111) is an equipment of the electric fire signalling that is intended to evaluate fire situations in the protected object. For operating the internal and external functions the C.I.E. makes use of the microprocessors Motorola - the first one is the general system microprocessor, the second one operates the lines with detectors.
The C.I.E. control is performed by means of push-buttons in four access levels (in accordance with EN 54-2), which forbids unauthorized personnel the interference with the system. The optical signalling elements are composed of LED diodes and the alphanumeric display with 4 × 40 characters. The acoustic signalling is internal.

The C.I.E. contains four (eight) loops of detection lines for the total number of 256 (512) adresses. The detection line loops are connected as 2 (4) circle lines, each of them can be divided
in two simple lines.

At the same time interactive detectors of the FIREXA system as well as detectors and elements of the addressable system MHU 109 can be connected to the detection lines. The nonaddressable detectors can be connected through the use of the MHY 409 Addressing Unit. Detectors of the FIREXA system have buil-in insulators, if the project requires also the Isolator
MHY 302 can be used in a detection line. Address (number) of interactive detectors is to set through the Preparation MHY 535, address of detectors and elements of the MHU 109 system is to set at the given device by the help of a address switch or jumpers.

Beside the elements at the detection lines there are some other inputs and outputs at the C.I.E.: the insulated serial line RS 485, the insulated serial line RS 232 for a printer and for the connection of a configuration computer, the uninsulated serial line RS 232 for the connection of modem and a configuration computer, optoinsulated inputs, open collectors, potential and potential free relays, special key buttons, eventually also some system events. By means of a program among the inputs and outputs there can be created logical structures along with a scheduling model depending on an input incident from single inputs. Concrete system configuration is performed by means of a special PC software program.

To enlarge the C.I.E. function it is possible to eke out the C.I.E. with input-output elements so that communication with the MHY 912 Fire Brigade Panel is enabled.
For its use in the Electric Fire Detection and Alarm System the C.I.E. is liable to the compliance examination according to law No. 22/1997 Sb., in wording law No. 71/2000 Sb. and the relevant orders of the government. The C.I.E complies with the standard specifications ČSN 34 2710, ČSN 73 0875, ČSN EN 54-2, ČSN EN 54-4 and prEN 54-13.

Technical specifications
  MHU 110 MHU 111
Power supply 230+10%-15% V / 50 Hz ± 5%
Input power resting state max. 35 VA 75 VA
Input power at alarm max. 75 VA 240 VA
Standby accumulator supply    
inside the C.I.E. 12 V / 17 Ah 2× 12 V / 28 Ah
outside the C.I.E. 12 V / 28 Ah 2× 12 V / 65 Ah
Detector connection    
Line loop number 4 8
Line connection 2 circle lines, divisible in simple lines 4 circle lines, divisible in simple lines
Line wiring two-wired, branchable, unshielded
Address number: C.I.E. 256 512
Address number: Circle line 128 128
Types of attachable detectors    
Addressable interactive MHG 161, MHG 261, MHG 361, MHG 362, MHG 861, MHG 283, MHG 383, MHG 661
Addressable MHG 141, MHG 241, MHG 243, MHG 341, MHG 142, MHG 242, MHA 141, MHA 143
Non-addressable through the addressing unit MHY 409
Types of attachable elements MHY 909, MHY 910, MHG 941, MHY 920, MHY 921
Line wiring resistance max. 100 W
Inputs and outputs    
Inputs optoinsulated  6 × 5 ÷30 V 
Outputs supervised    
relay potential 2 × 12+1.2-1.5 V, 0.5 A 2 × 24+2,4-3,0 V, 0.5 A
open collector 6 × max. 30 V, 0.15 A  
Outputs not supervised    
relay potential free 2 × relé - přepínací kontakt
max. 42 V / 1A, 15W, 30 VA
Communication channels    
RS 485 circle line max. 1 km  
attachable equipment system upgrade computer, MHS 811 Repeater Panel MHY 907 and MHY 908 Relay Boxes  
RS 232 insulated line    
attachable equipment printer, configuration PC  
RS 232 non-insulated line    
attachable equipment configuration PC, modem  
External equipment power supply (additional ss-line)    
Voltage +12+1,2-1,5 V +24+2,4-3,0 V
External current if inactive    
working from the net max. 600 mA max. 1.5 A
working from accumulator (24h) 17 Ah max. 300 mA
28 Ah max. 600 mA
28 Ah max. 500  mA
65 Ah max. 1,5 A
External current at alarm max. 2,5 A max. 5 A
Protection according to ČSN EN 60529 IP 30  
Safety class equipment according to ČSN EN 60950 I  
Radioscreening degree according to ČSN EN 55 022 B-class equipment  
Dimensions (320 × 420 × 88) mm (430 × 450 × 135) mm
Weight (without standby supply) 8 kg 14 kg


Working conditions
The equipment is intended for the interior of objects without occurrence of agressive substances, and for places where its protection and climatic immunity conform, and where sudden temperature changes leading to dew and ice accretion don`t occur.
Working temperature range -5 °C až +40 °C
Relative humidity <= 75%, 10 days in a year 95%
on other days occasionally 85%
Atmospheric pressure 86 až 106 kPa
Mounting position vertical on walls without vibrations