BMZ 911
BMZ 911
BMZ 911
Control panel BMZ 911 is a fire detection and fire alarm system device intended for evaluation of fire situation in railway wagons.

Control panel BMZ 911 is a fire detection and fire alarm system device intended for evaluation of fire situation in railway wagons. Control panel consists of two connected parts - system and display unit. Every type of wagon uses its own type of control panel which differs by power supply voltage and loops configuration.

System unit is placed in a metal box intended for frontal mounting to 19“ rack. It is possible to be placed elsewhere. If the system unit is placed in not monitored place, it has to be monitored by a separate detector.

On the front panel there are 3 indication LEDs and 4 fuse holders, on the rear panel there are 4 input/output connectors. System unit contains detection loops, isolated inputs and relay outputs and power supply source with voltage according to wagon type. The system unit also ensures monitoring and charging of backup accumulators.

Display unit in metal box is intended for mounting on vertical wagon wall in two ways; on the wall or embedded in it. The display unit consists of two parts – display and control part. On the
front panel there is a graphical display. Under the display there are 4 control buttons. On the right side there are 3 indication LEDs and USB input for connection of USB flash disc. Inside the unit there is an integrated siren. The display unit is connected to the system unit via 2 cables.

Control panel is intended for connection of non-addressable detectors with voltage and current characteristic. Normal state is signalled on the display by picture of wagon with placing of each detector. Individual control panel states are indicated in graphical and text form on the display, optically by LED signalling and acoustically by siren. External USB flash disc must be configured as it serves as an access key for setting the control panel as well as for downloading events from memory.


Technical parameters
Power supply
Basic source – wagon grid voltage 24, 36, 48, 70, 110 V ±30%
Power consumption in normal state max. 10 W
Power consumption in alarm state max. 45 W ((including consumption of relay outputs and accu charging))
Backup power source (accu) internal gasproof 2 × 12 V, 12 Ah
Detection loops
Detectors connectable to loops with voltage characteristics:
- automatic MHG 262V, MHG 862V
- manual call points MHA 108, MHA 142
Number of loops 32
Detectors on loop
- automatic 1 pc
- manual call points max. 2 pc
Loop current in normal state max. 5 mA
Loop current in alarm state max. 20 mA
Loop line resistance max. 10 Ω
Terminal resistance on loop lines 4,7 kΩ 1%
Terminal resistance on siren lines 10 kΩ 1%
FIRE ALARM: relay 1 × change-over contact, max. 110 V, max. 30 VA
FAULT: relay 1 × change-over contact, max.110 V, max. 30 VA
SIRENE: relay 2 × monitored relay potential output 27V, max. 100 mA