MHY 734.037
Autonomous mounting base with output relays FIRE and FAULT with terminal base
Mounting base MHY 734.037 is intended for connection of optical and multi-sensor interactive fire detectors

Mounting base MHY 734.037 is intended for connection of optical and multi-sensor interactive fire detectors MHG 262V, MHG 862V (MHG 261V, MHG 861V) for autonomous fire

Mounting base’s outputs are FIRE and FAULT relays. When the detector is activated the FIRE relay closes and red LEDs on detector turns on. The FAULT relay is in normal state closed. The
relay opens when the detector is removed from mounting base, power lines are interrupted or in a case the detector is too dusty and the fire evaluation would not be reliable. The autonomous mounting base is powered from an external source. Ending of fire signalling and putting the detector to normal state is made by interrupting the power supply. While using the MHY 737.037 mounting base with detector MHG x6xV, setting of the detector with preparation MHY 565 (536) can be performed (sensitivity, reaction rate…). Autonomous mounting base is not suitable for places with increased dust occurrence.

MHY 734.035 schéma

Technical parameters
Power supply voltage ac/dc (9 - 30) V
Output voltage for detector 22 V ±3%
Normal state current 14 mA ±20%
Alarm state current (including opt. signalling) 30 mA ±25%
Max. switched voltage/current 48 V / 1 A
Signalling - fire alarm potential-free change-over contact red LEDs on detector
Signalizace - fault potential-free change-over contact
Protection according to ČSN EN 60529 IP 43 – basic, IP 44 – with cover
Conductor diameter (0,2 - 0,75) mm2
Wight 80 g
Dimensions ⌀( 98 × 30) mm


Product is intended for operation with safe equipment in sense of ČSN EN 60950.


Working conditions
Application of the detector is in areas protected against weather conditions with classification according to ČSN EN 60721-3-5 and for places where its protection and climatic immunity conform, and where sudden temperature changes leading to dew and ice accretion don`t occur.
K: climatic conditions for environment 5K2
- working temperature range (from -25 to +70) °C
- max. relative humidity max. 95 % při +40 °C
- atmospheric pressure range (86 až 106) kPa
- without condensation and ice accretion
Z: special conditions 3Z1 heat radiation negligible
B: biological conditions 3B1 without presence of flora and fauna
C: chemical active substances 3C1
S: mechanical active substances 3S1
M: mechanical conditions 3M1
Duration of significant temperature (45 - 70)°C 2 months/year
Duration of significant humidity (85% - 95%/≤ 40°C) 100 hours/year